Farmers urged to have say in making dairy sector fairer

DAIRY farmers in Dumfriesshire are being urged to take part in a consultation on ending unfair practices in the sector.


Constituency MSP Oliver Mundell says the consultation which is being led by the UK Government, is designed to level up the playing field in the diary sector.  Despite the dairy sector being hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, the SNP Scottish Government did not introduce any sort of dairy hardship fund as was introduced for farmers in England and Wales.  Proposals include an option to introduce a mandatory pricing mechanism within all contracts between dairy farmers and processors.  This would ensure the price paid for milk produced by the farmer is formally agreed within the contract, and that contract negotiations take place in a clear and transparent way.


Mr Mundell says dairy farmers should make their voices heard ahead of the consultation which ends on September 15 2020.  He said: “This is a hugely important consultation and I would encourage all dairy farmers in Dumfriesshire to make their voices heard over the coming weeks.  “This can help to level up the playing field in the dairy sector, which for too long has been hit by unfair prices and contracts and this is a chance to change that.  “The SNP Government have failed to protect the sector with any sort of funding support during this time and we need to ensure that the sector can be protected going forward.  “Our farmers across the supply chain must get the price they deserve for their milk, which is so valuable to local families and the economy.”