Gretna RBS announcement is stay of execution

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell believes today's announcement by RBS is merely a stay of execution and does not represent a major u-turn.

He also believes that it is a meaningless PR stunt and not being carried out for the right reasons.

Commenting he said: "It is welcome news for customers in Gretna that RBS are not planning to immediately close their branch, but so far this is only a stay of execution.”

"It is also of little comfort for the RBS customers at branches in Annan, Lockerbie and Langholm who wished to see their branches open. They have been dismissed completely despite strong arguments for maintaining a physical presence. To date the bank haven’t even been able to guarantee that cash machines will be maintained in the future.

"Having easy access to cash is absolutely vital for people living and working rurally and I would urge customers to use their local branch in Gretna to highlight its importance to the community”