Lack of plans to connect railway links is disappointing, says Oliver

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell has expressed disappointment that the SNP Government have no plans to connect Dumfries and Annan to the West Coast Main Line.

Mr Mundell had taken up the issue for campaigners with Transport Minister Humza Yousaf who has confirmed that the proposal is not to be taken forward by Government and must go through Swestrans.

He has called on the Scottish Government to be bolder in their transport strategy to boost the region’s infrastructure and that their needs to be a considerable step change in attitude.

Commenting Oliver Mundell MSP said: “It is disappointing that the SNP Government have no plans to connect the Solway Loop with the line at Lockerbie.

“This region is being left behind in terms of our transport infrastructure and we need to see a significant step change from the SNP Government in the new year.

“We have a lot of passionate transport campaigners across Dumfriesshire and they deserve to be rewarded with a much bolder line of strategy from the Transport Minister.

“Connecting up Dumfriesshire on a wider scale to our major cities would be a major boost to our local economy and open up further opportunities for employment and social activities for local people.

“I hope that the New Year can bring about a significant change in attitude from the Scottish Government regards boosting the transport network across Dumfriesshire, which is urgently needed.”