Local Conservatives set to hold street stalls across the region one year on from Referendum

Scottish Conservative candidate for Dumfriesshire, Oliver Mundell is set to join local Conservatives across the region for a series of street stall and doorstep surgeries across the region on the 18th and 19th of September to highlight the party’s strong support for the United Kingdom. The street stalls will be held in Annan, Moffat, Lockerbie, Langholm and Dumfries and Mr Mundell is keen to use the opportunity to hear the views of local residents and to demonstrate his personal commitment to Scotland’s place at the heart and centre of the Union.


He believes the issue will remain a divisive one in the run up to next May’s Scottish Parliament elections and expressed disappointment at the continued constitutional wrangling which continues to dominate Scottish politics one year on from last September’s Referendum.


He has also spoken, as a Better Together Local Group Leader during last year’s campaign, of his concern and anger at the grown calls for a second referendum from senior nationalist figures in recent weeks and months. So far First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has resisted unionist calls to rule the plan out and Mr Mundell is warning that an SNP victory locally could be used as a justification for another poll.


During last year’s campaign the Scottish Government’s White Paper, stated that the vote would be a “once in a generation” opportunity for Scotland to become independent and Mr Mundell is demanding that the SNP respect local voters and stick to their word.


Commenting, Oliver Mundell said:


“This time last year we saw an overwhelming expression of support locally for Scotland’s continued place at the heart and centre of our United Kingdom. Sadly that result doesn’t seem to have put a halt to nationalist calls for a second referendum and it is increasingly clear that only the Conservatives will hold them to account.”


“Having been so involved in the local Better Together Campaign, I am keen to demonstrate my commitment to our Union to local people and to listen to the growing concerns in our communities about the threat of a second referendum.  I believe as strongly as ever that there is a very positive case locally for our United Kingdom, with thousands of jobs and opportunities here in Dumfries and Galloway dependent on our unique cross border interests and I am ready to stand alongside local people and fight for them.”


He added:



“Like many people living locally, I do not want to see our communities trapped in the paralysis of endless constitutional wrangling. I want us to see us embrace a better way forward rather than take a step backwards to another referendum.”