'Moo'ving in to welcome show arrival

SPECIAL DELIVERY . . . Dumfriesshire constituency MSP Oliver Mundell was given expert tuition on how to calve a cow when he toured Moffat Agricultural Show at Raehills Meadows.


He was guided through the various stages by vet Fiona Dalgliesh, who specialises in equine and farm animals at her rural veterinary practice at Douglas Hall, near Lockerbie.


Fiona and her team set up a visual display at their stand to guide visitors of all ages through the sometimes slow and challenging process of delivering a calf safely into the world.


On Saturday, with a healthy calf thriving, Oliver discovered an extra treat courtesy of the proud Friesian mother . . . a bag of sweets.


Fiona said: "The 'calving cow' display was a big hit with visitors. It was a fun interactive way of illustrating to non-farmers what is an important task on many local farms."