MSP praises A76 incident response

DUMFRIESSHIRE constituency MSP Oliver Mundell expressed sadness about a serious lorry accident on the A76 trunk road near Enterkinfoot in which around 200 sheep died.


He described the loss of the animals in such circumstances as extremely distressing and he praised all the agencies and individuals who turned out to assist at the scene late on Monday night.


The response included the three emergency services, local vets, farmers, council workers and SEPA staff.


Mr Mundell said: "I understand that the professionalism shown by all those who assisted in the aftermath was outstanding and must have contributed to more than 200 further sheep surviving.


"In such a strong hill farming area, I know from my dealings with farmers and shepherds that they have a strong bond with their flocks and a continuing concern for their welfare, which remains even after the animals have left their farms."