MSP presses for Sanquhar flooding solution

AN INVESTIGATION into flooding, which damaged several properties bordering the A76 at Sanquhar, has been welcomed by Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell.


He raised the issue with Transport Scotland before Christmas after visiting affected homes next to the trunk road in the town.


Mr Mundell said: "Residents told me that while the clearing up and drying out process was distressing, their top priority was to ensure steps were taken to avoid any repeat.


"They were convinced that while a downpour was the trigger, drainage maintenance issues were the underlying cause."


Mr Mundell has received a response from Transport Scotland chief executive Roy Brannen, who indicated several factors appeared to have contributed to water spilling off the A76 into several properties in late November. 


In his letter to the MSP, the senior official stated that preliminary Scottish Water investigations pointed to a gully located at a near-by local authority road as a possible source. It was an access chamber to a culvert running through the town.


Mr Brannen added that there was no evidence of the flooding being inked to the A76 drainage system.


Discussions are taking place between Transport Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway Council and other agencies to ascertain responsibility.


Mr Mundell added: "I want to see a solution found soon for the peace of mind of my constituents."