Oliver calls for Whitesands scheme to be axed

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell has stepped up his calls for the Whitesands Flooding Scheme to be axed following confirmation a public inquiry is to be held.

The Scottish Government have informed Dumfries and Galloway Council that they will be investigating the plans which have risen to £25m.

Since being elected last year, Mr Mundell has consistently raised concerns over the floundering flooding plans and urged the council to wake up and listen to the strong opposition from local people towards the scheme.

Commenting Oliver Mundell MSP said: “I have brought up time and time again major concerns over the plans for a bund on the sands and I hope that this inquiry will show that the council have been wrong to take this forward.

“Costs have spiralled out of control for a project which amounts to a very expensive piece of landscape gardening which local people and businesses simply do not want.

“With budgets under ever increasing strain, the last thing taxpayers needs is a bund scheme costing £25m.

“I hope that the inquiry will recognise the strength of feeling locally, with thousands of people signing a petition to Save Our Sands and hundreds of businesses and locals putting in formal objections.

“Any solution to flooding on the Sands must be done by listening properly to the views of local people and not railroading through an unpopular and ill thought out scheme.”