Oliver hits out at lack of detail on South Scotland Enterprise Agency

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell has criticised the Scottish Government for failing to even mention the new South Scotland Enterprise Agency in a recent Holyrood statement. 

The Scottish Government's economy secretary Keith Brown outlined his plans for an enterprise and skills review to MSP's before the Easter recess but failed to provide any details on the much heralded South Scotland Enterprise.

Mr Mundell also criticised the Scottish Government for failing to provide any details on the budget and structure of the new vehicle which it is hoped would provide a welcome boost to investment and jobs in the area.

Commenting Oliver Mundell said: "I found it very disappointing that Keith Brown forgot to mention the South of Scotland Skills and Enterprise Agency during his statement. Given the big changes proposed this seems incredible and once again shows just how little priority the SNP Government place on our region. 

"While I fully welcome the agency as a vehicle to drive investment, jobs and business support across the region, the Scottish Government much start answering the basic questions on what it will look like.

"So far there has been very little detail on how the agency will be structured and what sort of budget it will be given.

"I also find it concerning that if this is to be locally driven that there is going to be no representation from the area on the implementation board. We only have one chance to get this right and after years of campaigning I want to see this project shaped by local businesses not civil servants. 

Mr Mundell has also questioned whether Dumfries and Galloway Council and the Scottish Borders Council are the right partners to lead the new body. He believes that while their support is vital that the new vehicle should be independent of both local and national government and must be industry driven. 

"What I find unhelpful is the planned power grab by the local authorities in the area. The new enterprise body needs to be fully independent and allowed to develop its own ideas rather than serving as another talking shop for ideas put forward by local councils."