Oliver Mundell hits out at further CAP Payments fiasco

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell has hit out at the SNP Government for their continued debacle of the CAP Payments system.

Farmers across Mr Mundell's constituency have continued to be let down by the SNP Government and it has now emerged the payments crisis won't be sorted until 2018.

Mr Mundell says that the SNP have completely taken their eye off the ball in terms of supporting the rural economy, with a disaster recovery solution not being put in place by the Scottish Government in order to ease the crisis.

Commenting Oliver Mundell MSP said: "The CAP Payments debacle has been happening since before I was even elected to the Scottish Parliament and this crisis is only getting worse on the SNP's watch.

"Farmers across Dumfriesshire have been left with huge uncertainty in recent years due to the sheer incompetence of the Scottish Government's shambolic IT system which cost almost £200m.

"Now it has emerged that this uncertainty could carry on for at least another year, which is only going to damage the rural economy across Dumfriesshire and it is time the SNP started taking action to support our rural communities.

"The fact that the Scottish Government didn't even see fit to put in place a disaster recovery solution shows that their system of handling CAP Payments simply isn't fit for purpose.

"Our farming communities across Dumfriesshire deserve far better and it's time the SNP got a grip of this crisis once and for all."