Oliver Mundell hits out at lack of slow progress on CAP payments

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell has said the SNP have completely taken their eye off the ball as farmers continue to wait for CAP payments. 

New figures have revealed that only 126 payments were made to the farmers last week, meaning over 1300 farmers across Scotland are still waiting to be paid. 

Audit Scotland have warned that the Scottish Government risk further fines over their shambolic system which cost close to £200m to run.

Mr Mundell says says the figures are an embarrassment for the SNP Government who are continuing to fail farmers in Dumfriesshire and the rural economy as a whole.

Commenting Oliver said "It is clear that the SNP Government have still failed to get a complete grip over delivering vital CAP payments to our farmers.

"It is quite extraordinary how long the SNP have let down our farmers in Dumfriesshire and damaged the rural economy, yet this still can't get up to speed. 

"Their shambolic IT System which isn't fit for purpose has left farmers in a permanent state of worry and it doesn't appear the situation is going to get any better anytime soon. 

"Farmers across Dumfriesshire continue to tell me about the great uncertainty that the SNP have created with their handling of CAP Payments and it is time they gave proper support to the rural economy once and for all."